Create Android Application

  • Download Fase Android Client. Download fase_android repository from here;
  • Launch Android Studio;

  • Update package name. Go to fase_android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml, Select manifest->package and go to Refactor->rename and rename from com.fase to com.converter; Android Studio AndroidManifest

  • Update package name for building. Go to fase_android/app/build.gradle, rename android->defaultConfig->applicationId from com.fase to com.converter;

  • Update Server URL. Go to fase_android/app/build.gradle, update server URL in android->buildTypes->debug->API_HOST and android->buildTypes->release->API_HOST to
  • Update Google API key if needed. If your Application uses signing up with home city selection and/or Place picker, update Google API key. Go to fase_android/app/build.gradle, update google_maps_api_key; Android Studio build.gradle URL

  • Update package name reference. Go to fase_android/app/google-services.json, rename both package_name from com.fase to com.converter; Android Studio google-services.json

NOTE. Properly when project is created in Firebase fase_android/app/google-services.json must be downloaded from Firebase Console.

  • Update Application name. Go to fase_android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml, rename app_name from Fase to Converter;
  • Add icons. Go to res->new->Image Asset and add icons;
  • Build. Click Build->Build APK(s)

You can download APK file to an Android Phone, install the application and run: Converter Android Launch