Create iOS Application

  • Download Fase iOS Client. Download fase_ios repository from here;
  • Launch XCode;
  • Update Display Name. Click on Fase_iOS, change Display Name to Converter (see picture below);
  • Update Bundle Identifier. Click on Fase_iOS, change Bundle Identifier to converter-fase (see picture below);
  • Update Team. Click on Fase_iOS, as Team choose your account (see picture below); XCode Names
  • Update Server URL. Go to Fase_iOS/API Client/APIClient.swift, Update to URL of deployed Server;
  • Update Google API key if needed. If your Application uses signing up with home city selection and/or Place picker, update Google API key. Go to Fase_iOS/AppDelegate.swift, update googleAPIKey variable;
  • Turn on Push Notifications if needed. If your Application uses push notifications, register for remote notifications. Go to Fase_iOS/AppDelegate.swift, uncomment line NotificationService.instance.registerForRemoteNotifications();
  • Add icons. Click on Fase_iOS. In App Icons Source add icons;
  • Build and Run. Set Fase_iOS as active scheme, click Build and Run;

If you have a connected iPhone, Application should run: Converter iOS Launch